Lord Work in Me - 19th March

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Ursel Mihelcic
13 days ago


Joanne McClintock
13 days ago

Dear Bruce My sister who is Catholic shared your website with me just as we were going into lent. I am very grateful to her as I have really enjoyed your devotionals and I will continue to join you throughout my journey with our Lord. I have recently returned to my faith (long story) and I am on fire for the Lord. I realise that while I was away from my faith, was so unhappy and it was my relationship with God that was missing. I have met so many warm, welcoming and faithful friends since returning, who have walked… Read more »

13 days ago

You DO have the POWER. You help us get closer to God and bring our faith back into our lives again.. Thank you Bruce..

13 days ago

What a powerful gospel! I want more of God in my life and your devotionals help me to do that. Thank you Bruce and God bless us all Amen

Lisa Dreyer
12 days ago


Theresa Mac Lean
12 days ago

Come Lord Jesus Come heal me and strengthen me. Work through me.
Excellent message.
Thank you.
God bless you.

Jean Brown
12 days ago

e pray for me as i have a skin dease about 7 years now it causes many health problems let the DR find out what is wrong thank you and God bless

12 days ago

Thank you for these messages and devotions. They have made a powerful impact on my life. Late though it maybe. Fortunately with God it’s never to late when we repent and come back to him. God speaks so clearly through you. God bleSs you, Rosemary and your team.

Kathleen Cacciottolo
12 days ago

You are so amazing!!!!