The Priority of God In Us - 21st March

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8 months ago

Thank you for all the insight that you give us. The way you explain things is a gift to us all!

Raquel Rodrigues
8 months ago

Please pray for my friend who has had long Covid and has been suffering with her health . God bless her and strengthen her and bring her back to health !

8 months ago

I am interested in reading the bible.. I mentioned to you before but I know you are busy.. But which bible should I read to really get the full impact of our father.. Tks.

Reply to  brenda
8 months ago

Dear Brenda, The Catholic edition NRSV is the bible that Bruce uses (available in our store online at our website.) It is a very easy read that is very accurate in the translation from the original language. Start with the gospels. Know that everything that comes from Jesus, comes from the Father and so you will get to know about God and Know God through Jesus words and life. I pray this helps you. If ever you have future questions do not hesitate to contact us at any time. God’s Blessings Rosemary Downes

Reply to  BDCM Team
8 months ago

Thank you so much for your help.. I now know where I can find it when I am able to buy it.. I am waiting for a call for a Breast MRI so I will be needing to save $ for my trip, as its out of town: for expenses, buses etc etc

Susan Christensen
8 months ago

I want to thank you for prayers for me this past year. My sister came down with throat cancer. She moved in with me so I could help care for her and work. She was cancer free in February 2022, March 2022 I had a breast biopsy and ended up with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and she found out the same day she had a second cancer in her throat. We have always shared everything EVEN CANCER LOL. She passed in June 2022 and I had started Chemo. Got thru that had a double mastectomy and radiation. I kept a… Read more »

8 months ago

Thank you for inspiring me to try harder in my relationship with God

Theresa Mac Lean
8 months ago

Excellent nest.
Thank you

8 months ago

This is so good.

Ursel Mihelcic
8 months ago