On God's Terms - 24th March

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Isabel F Aguirre
8 months ago

I continue to lift you & your loved ones to your Creator’s arms as you profess His forgiveness to all of humanity’s cruelty towards one another.

Marian Bergmann
8 months ago

Thanks for the daily devotional which I start my day off with

Theresa Mac Lean
8 months ago

Excellent message.
Thank you

Nancy Temple
8 months ago

God Bless You All!! Thank You for bringing me closer to Jesus!! I want to learn everything above our Savior and have Peace in Jesus arms.
Amen 🙏
Nancy ( from Texas)

Arlene Leco
8 months ago

Thank you for your daily devotions. They do put a lot into perspective. Causing me to think differently about what I believed. I guess you can say it is a wake up call.

Brenda Felan
8 months ago

Thank you for all you do.