Faith, You Know That You Know - 28th March

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2 months ago

Bless you Bruce and all those who make this wonderful daily devotional happen

Joan Petersen
2 months ago

I want to give a donation for the book. I want to pay over the phone. could you let me know what I need to do.
Many thanks.

Maria Richards
2 months ago

Thank you Bruce and Rosemary. I enjoy this Lenten journey. Trying to remove that stone in front of the tomb
May you be blessed to continue making a difference in many lives
such as mine.

Last edited 2 months ago by Maria Richards
2 months ago

Thank You Bruce&Rosemary 😊🙏and Team ,warm story about Your Grandma , and smiling of Prayers 😊🙏.

2 months ago

I would like to get this booklet but want to send a cheque, an address would be appreciated.

Ursel Mihelcic
2 months ago


Gladys Hitchen
2 months ago

Dear Bruce, I would like to get the book. Could I pay by PayPal, please?

2 months ago

Thank you, Bruce and team, for this devotion today. I would really like to have that book. Is it possible to get it downloaded from somewhere. The post system in South Africa is not 100%. There is a lot of scams going on and I do not reply to people when they send a parcel. I would really like to have an electronic version if possible. Bless you all