Being Born Again - 30th March

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2 months ago

Thank you!

2 months ago

Powerful – I was “born again” as a 50 yo having been an atheist all my life, committing a white collar crime that had me spend time inside and in the lead up to going inside and while inside I developed a relationship with God – I still say he called me and saved me from ending my life on numerous occasions.

I now live with what I think is incredible faith.

Thank you Bruce

Reply to  Trevor
2 months ago

Wow 👏🏻 Amazing Amen 🙏.

2 months ago

enlightening explanation of what it means to be born of water and Spirit. Thank you!

2 months ago

Bruce I have a question about the 40 days. Is that an arbitrary number to make it fit? I’m told not to count Sundays but it doesn’t sit right with me. Did Jesus eat and drink on Sundays? My intentional disciplines end on Easter morning when I celebrate with joy.

Joyce Murabito-Gustafson
2 months ago

Please pray fir my niece and her family?
Unspoken prayer requests

2 months ago

Thank God Someone saved Your life Bruce at the water so You&Rosemary and Team can help Us save Our Life through the Holy Spirt ✨.

2 months ago

Thank you Bruce,
Sorry I have been absent; operations illness etc on the mend now!
So good to hear your sound teaching again. : )

Ursel Mihelcic
2 months ago

Thank you