A Time of Prayer - 1st April

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14 hours ago

Amen, thank you Lord for sending your only son to save me. Please God reveal yourself to me during this holy week. May I get closer to you Lord. Amen.

Reply to  Felicitas
5 hours ago

Amen 🙏

Tracey Digman
Reply to  Felicitas
3 hours ago

May Jesus reveal Himself to you during Holy Week and more and more each day. Amen

Reply to  Felicitas
32 minutes ago

This is a prayer that will be answered beyond a shadow of doubt as it is His will for each and every one of us!🙌👍🙏

Nuemia Harper
8 hours ago

Thank you Lord 🙏

2 hours ago


Tracey Digman
2 hours ago

Pastor Downes I don’t know how to ask but will you please keep the prayer wall up after Lent and prayer on Saturday. The world is hurting so badly.

Reply to  Tracey Digman
30 minutes ago

I agree…Definitely on Saturday… it is vital to our well being!! The prayer wall is up all the time🤩

Patti Grandolfo
1 hour ago

Amen. Come into my heart Lord Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen🙏🕊️♥️

28 minutes ago

Your Love of the Trinity and others and His church warms the hearts of many👍 Please continue was we are all in great need of peace and unity throughout this entire world!

7 minutes ago

A powerful prayer! Thank you!