God Causes Us To Measure Up - 5th March

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Melissa Thompson
3 months ago

I am enjoying these devotions very much, Thank You!

Reply to  Melissa Thompson
3 months ago

The walking deep is a bit deep for me sometimes n that it’s too much “rhetoric” and not enough concrete. This is my second year. The walking feeling sometimes is a bit hard to grasp. Faith: seeing through God’s eyes seems to make me not want to pray and just let day you day happen. It’s going to be God’s will and way anyway. It’s causing me to detach a bit. I’m analysing why my neighbor with her perfect life and doesn’t believe in God, how does God justify that? I don’t feel I’m grasping the walking deeper.

Reply to  Deb
3 months ago

There is so much more to life…there is eternity and where you spend it depends on your choice to believe God or not. I shall pray for you and your neighbor with her “ perfect life” here on earth! God loves every one whether they believe or not… everyone has great worth and value.. that’s why Our Father…..sent Jesus! 🙏🥹🕊

William Callaghan
3 months ago

Thank you to Bruce for another excellent reflection, his comments certainly make me think deeper about where I am in my live and in my own relationship with God.

Jessy Wheeler
Reply to  William Callaghan
3 months ago

Thank you Bruce for reminding us that we should always put God first and this will strengthen our relationship with Him .God bless you

Reply to  Jessy Wheeler
3 months ago

Amen. Amen. Fiat. 🙏📿

3 months ago

Putting God first

2 months ago

I think making Jesus the centre of our lives is what really matters and submitting to Him in all our ways.