Making Faith Personal - 14th March

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18 days ago

Thank you Bruce for saying many important things about having our own Personal encounter with God, through this fascinating Scripture passage; John 4: 39- 42, and through praying from our heart, as well as reflecting what our Lord is saying to us in our lives, in our prayers and our circumstances, in our minds. While we STOP AND TAKE STOCK, in this Holy Season of Lent, leading up to the Love of God for us by the death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who did all this in order to save us and grant us eternal life, to… Read more »

Patti Grandolfo
18 days ago

This makes perfect sense, I’ve believed because of what I’ve been told and taught, and now I believe because of what I’ve heard through your ministry and now I:m watching The Chosen and it all come alive, like it never has before. Thank you to you all and thank you Lord Jesus 🙏🙏

Reply to  Patti Grandolfo
18 days ago

👍 This ministry makes things so crystal clear🙌! I believe because of all He brought me through!! The Words “I will never leave you or forsake you!” Ring in my ears and I am so grateful for that promise!

Reply to  Sandie
17 days ago

One of my favourite verses too, Sandie.
God Bless.

Christopher Wayne Michell
18 days ago

God answered my prayers with regards to acquiring a new car as my old car was problematic. I Sked God for guidance and lead me in what to do. His answer was for be to buy one and I took old car to a place that gave me the most money to use as a deposit. I’m so grateful. I took ownership of new car on 21st February and had it blessed by a priest. Two other needs I have is for a disadvantaged young man by the name of Keaton Alberts stops harassing me for money as I cannot… Read more »

Patti Grandolfo
Reply to  Christopher Wayne Michell
17 days ago


Isabel. Jimenez
17 days ago

Amen 🙏

Jenny Hall
17 days ago

I can’t a cess the daily reflections. Your systems continually ask me to submit characters into a box, I’ve submitted ten different sets of these characters & it still won’t allow me to access the reflection. Please can the IT people take a look?