Let Me See You Jesus for Who You Are - 16th March

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6 months ago

Thank you Bruce I felt Blest just listening this morning and imagining myself visiting with Jesus.

6 months ago

Love the idea of ‘hanging out with Jesus’ Shared it on my Facebook page

6 months ago

Thank you for sharing this message today, Bruce. I have been doing just as you suggested, for some time now. My favorite chapter is John 17. I place myself in Jesus’ prayer. It has had a huge impact in my life. I have done it in many passages but this one spoke to me in such an inpactful way!!

6 months ago

Thank you Bruce for your encouragement to grow closer to Jesus our Saviour, & to “hang out with Him”. Blessings.

6 months ago

Hi Bruce..thanks for all you awesome hard work..empowering message
One suggestion
Could you quote the Bible readings you use, in the heading or as a comment, as after I have listened to the message, I want to go back and read the reading…then I have to try scroll through to find the reference and as I watch on my phone sometimes it is difficult to see

Reply to  Kerry
6 months ago

Hey Kerry, if you are in your phone, the moment the reading comes up on the screen you could take a screen shot. In most phones, it is a matter of swiping the side of your whole hand from left to right

6 months ago

Thank you, great message. I FELT it

6 months ago

I love the way you are a reflection of Jesus. When I hear you speak, I feel that you are truly a messenger and that God is working through you. I am so thankful for your ministry.

Daryl Fenski
6 months ago

Communication is huge in todays world, with God, our Family, Friends and you. you are teaching to make the Communications and turning them into Connections, We all need God, Family and Friends. You and your Team are doing an awesome job of teaching us to make connections.

Thank you all,

6 months ago

Thank you Bruce I felt Jesus all around me!

6 months ago

👍as usual… thank you …just ask and receive ….. He provided everything… keep inviting more to the feast…we need to get a bigger table🥰 as the “family” is growing bigger thanks to you, Rosemary and the entire team! You truly are a Priests best friend.. making the Church come fully alive!

Isabel. Jimenez
6 months ago

Amen 🙏

Doris Zielinski
6 months ago

Bruce, I am confused about John the Batist that he doesn’t know who Jesus is when he was the one who Baptize Him? When he was in jail and asked his fallowers to see what Jesus is doing?

6 months ago

Bruce, thank you for your messages to know Jesus and how to praise Him. God bless you for your ministry of faith and hope,

Pam Keller
6 months ago

Today I heard to put yourself into the scripture that you read. To make it real and alive. Thank you, my Lenten journey has been very difficult this year going back to reading the Bible will get me through this and bring peace which is the greatest feeling thus allowing me to serve Jesus the way I should.