The Cross Is The Key to Life - 26th March

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John T
8 months ago

I loved this message Bruce, what you said is so true, I see this all around me me in our every day life. I belive we have to keep on the spiritual path and keep on praying 🙏 🤲 for those that think this way, that they will eventually turn back to God with praise and thanksgiving for the life we are enjoying, along With the best and worst that is thrown in our paths. Praise be to God for his everlasting love ❤️ Amen 🙏 🕊

8 months ago

What a powerful message Bruce! You’ve given me a lot to pray about thank you and God Bless you for your teachings !

8 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this very challenging Lenten Message!!! That is so true where, there will be times of great struggle and difficulty which will compel us to draw closer to our Loving God, asking Him for His grace and His help!!! This message also is encouraging that explains how it is possible to be caught up with worldly matters that are successful, which turns many away from being dependent on our God for our very lives. AND NOT FOR OUR EARTHLY LIVES BUT ETERNAL LIVES WITH OUR GOD!!! May the Lord keep blessing, providing, protecting these blessed ministries, you… Read more »

8 months ago

I really took to heart the statement, “Carry your cross to the cross of eternal life.”

8 months ago

Another great message today. I have often believed that when I have been low that I turn to God more and that this is a blessing. Thank you for this confirmation and reminder.
Today at Mass the priest quoted the hymn ‘ what a friend we have in Jesus ‘ . When we are in situations when we feel alone we need to believe God is with us.

8 months ago

Bruce, thank you for your prayer of God’s ultimate plan for each of us. May the Holy Spirit keep us faithful to embrace God’s path of salvation and sacrifice..Amen

Isabel. Jimenez
8 months ago

Amen 🙏

8 months ago

Bless you Bruce, this scripture reading helped me to understand my life better, will share this with some of my family and friends to make them understand that God is in control of our lives