Being Born Again - 30th March

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Gai Robertson
2 months ago

Very much enjoying and learning from your morning talks Bruce. Sets the tone for the day for me.
What like to do donate by my own bank to bank transfer. Could you email me your bank details please.

2 months ago

You covered very well the meaning of “Born again”. Yes, we are born again through baptism and also like the blind man we recover our sight not to see the world but by opening our heart to God and by listening to Him .May God always help you, Bruce to find the wisdom and knowledge to share the Gospel with us in a very clear way .God bless you.

2 months ago

Thank you for a clear understanding of being born again and the lenten journey so that I may articulate it better to some of my friends.

Patti Grandolfo
2 months ago

Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing me to this ministry, to help me in knowing my need for a deeper relationship with you. God bless you all for your direction and leadership and your love and prayers. In Jesus’name. Amen 🙏🕊️♥️

2 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this GREAT, WONDERFUL LENTEN DAILY DEVOTIONAL!!! Thank you for explaining to us more clearly, the meaning of being BORN AGAIN within the Catholic Teaching and Tradition, in which I didn’t know. NOW I DO!!! This message has been VERY HELPFUL TO ME Bruce!!! And will be to others when the opportunity arises for me to pass on this GOOD NEWS!!! May the Lord keep blessing and inspiring you ABUNDANTLY Bruce, through these Spirit filled messages that is helping us all who have ears to listen and eyes to see!!!

2 months ago

Thank you Bruce…Born of water and spirit, a new life, another chance, set free, our hearts changed.

2 months ago

I am no longer receiving my daily emails for whatever reason. Is it possible to have this rectified please.

Pamela Lang
2 months ago

I had my credit card hacked and have a new number