For God So Loved The World - 31st March

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2 months ago

over the years we have met so wonderful brothers & sisters in Christ. They have encouraged my husband and I and although many are not Catholic, they have been Christians. Your devotionals bridge the gaps that many do not feel are part of our Catholic faith. Thank you for sharing your experiences that I now share with so many of our Christian friends and I can honestly say there have been many who now understand that we are one in Christ Jesus.

Patti Grandolfo
2 months ago

Thank you Father God, for sending your son so that we may have eternal life. God so loved the world!! Thank you Bruce Downe’s Ministry for helping me to know his deeper love. God Bless you all. In Jesus’name. Amen🙏🕊️♥️

2 months ago

What a wonderful reminder to end the week with. God. so loved the world that he gave his only Son for us! Have a wonderful week and thank you.

Isabel. Jimenez
2 months ago

Amen 🙏

Lalo Rodriquez
2 months ago

Thank you Brother Bruce for helping me on my deeper walk with God. Please pray for my wife Amy who has been diagnosed with scheloderma. I know the Lord is helping us through this storm. Your prayers are appreciated.

Lalo Rodriquez

Reply to  Lalo Rodriquez
2 months ago

🙏and thank you Heavenly Father for hearing and answering!