12 April - You Are So Loved

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6 months ago

Beautiful message

6 months ago

Very nice presentation Thankyou

Reply to  Carmen
6 months ago

thank you we realy dont realize sometimes ….just how …much …jesus realy loves us .

Richard Logan
6 months ago

Thanks Bruce. Very powerful & with such conviction! ????????????????

Lisa Dreyer
6 months ago

Thank you so very much.

JenniferAnne Howlett
6 months ago

Wonderful reminder. Many thanks.

Barbara Mclachlan
6 months ago

That was very powerful, thank you Bruce.
I’ve got a collection of Christian quotes off the Internet. One is Prayer unlocks the key in the morning and night prayer shuts the bolt at ight keeping us all safe.

6 months ago

Thank you for reminding me I have the Power of salvation given to me by the Resurrection of Jesus.

Valerie Simms
6 months ago

God bless you Bruce for today’s message! Thank you for reminding me that Jesus didn’t come to condemn us BUT TO SET US FREE! TO LOVE US! TO GIVE US PEACE! TO GIVE US LIFE TO THE FULL! FOR ETERNITY! Thank you for the prayers you have recommended for us to pray also Bruce! Thank You Lord for making me into a new creation! The past You have forgiven IS GONE! BEHOLD ALL THINGS ARE NEW in You Lord God because of You Lord Jesus. I THANK YOU LORD JESUS!!! Amen. Bruce I’m so looking forward to tomorrow’s message! And… Read more »

6 months ago

So beautiful that I cried, please talk about ‘SO’, you made me hungry for that. Thank God for you, my goal is to be able to pray like you, such honesty and sincerity. God bless.✝️

Reply to  Louise
6 months ago

This sweet man and his wife and team are going to capture the hearts of many!!! Your desire is evident and during this Easter Season you will be able to touch the hearts of those around you! Be ever so blessed????

6 months ago

Awesome!Thanks soooo very much for bringing “first things “ to the front and center of our lives! God withholds nothing good from US!

6 months ago

There is an old saying Bruce, “You blessed me out of my socks” when you talked about love. When I first became a Christian I ‘fell’ in love with God and Jesus without really knowing why; I did not know the Holy Bible and was so ignorant in my faith. Later, the Holy Spirit (I only knew Him through the liturgy), after several months, took me to experience something so incredible that it has impacted my life all these years. Some years later I experienced being ‘born again’ again impacting my life for ever. All this was about His love… Read more »

6 months ago

Thank you for this beautiful message reminding us of Gods unfathomable, unconditional Love for us in sending us His Son,Jesus, to do for us what we could never do for ourselves. Help us, Jesus, to live each day as Resurrection Sunday????????????????????????

6 months ago

Good morning Bruce you are the BEST you have taught me soooo much during The LENTEN Journey and now THE RESURRECTION I just want to learn more THANKYOU God Bless You and your family .

Darlene Hazlett
Reply to  Kathy
6 months ago

Thank You, Bruce…a wonderful reminder and presentation !

Jean Merron
6 months ago

Thank you for your message today You have reminded us to day that God really lives us and is always there for us when we go to confession the priest gives us absolution we should then move on and nut take our regrets with us but leave them behind we have been forgiven

Lucy Kimani
6 months ago

Thanks Bruce for your teaching. We should live in God’s freedom.

6 months ago

One moving message from Bruce is his “ending” God is never far from you. It moves my heart and I see the love of God thru these videos.

6 months ago

Thankyou ????., Bruce.

Sandy Manchio
Reply to  Cecilia
6 months ago

Thank you Bruce for the message you are so loved it has made me feel filled with hope that God forgives us for our sins and allows us to keep going this lent period was really hard for me as I felt I kept on being attacked so many things went wrong life just seemed hard the more I focused on new beginnings the more problems I encountered was so weird. Anyway thank u for keeping me focused . Love sandy

Jones Ruth
6 months ago

I am late getting on here tonight. Another good one Bruce. God Bless!!!!

6 months ago

April 12 1999 is. the day of my son’s death.
Wrongful Death at the hands of his oncologist.declared by the Illinois court of Law.
He was 32 years old.
Forever Young ????