Stand On His Authority - 1st May

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Ursel Mihelcic
10 months ago

Thank you

Isabel. Jimenez
10 months ago

Amen 🙏

10 months ago

Your wife is spot on! Praise God for her insight! Both of you will be richly rewarded not only in Heaven, but here on Earth as you see more people Glorify Him in thoughts words and actions… may loving kindness prevail!!!

Reply to  Sandie
10 months ago

Amen 🙏 😊.

10 months ago

Thank You 🙏😊 Bruce&Rosemary and Team for continuing guidance to doing good Things 😊. And I hope You and Rosemary see each day that Bank Account getting Bigger 😊You see Right 😊. 😊God Bless !!

Marjorie Jobb
9 months ago

Good morning Thank you for advice of Gods teachings and prayers. I never want to gave up on my family . I need prayers for me and my family ,specially for my grandson , he’s on depression for the past months now . He needs prayers .This morning just finished listening to the scriptures of God , and this is my walk right now , so many things happening in our lives for the past months ,we need your prayers , Thank you again