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3 years ago

Bruce, you are blessed to be able to have all of your five children together at one time. Plus, whether you know it or not, I think they still need you. I am sure they still ask you and your wife for advice and just need your companionship.

3 years ago

Bruce, your teaching on the Holy Spirit is wonderful. I am learning a lot as we go through this series. We need deep thoughtful and at times hard teaching. It is difficult to find much of it in these times.Soft teaching is not going to get people to Heaven. You are truly blessed by God.

Francis Deary
3 years ago

Thank you!

3 years ago

You help my ability to teach my CCD classes in a way that is clear and meaningful!!! Continue to show your children how to live the virtues of being a child of God as they get older as there is no retirement in the Bible!! ????

Janelle Borg
3 years ago

The verse you quoted was one my mum had before she had a number of strokes and was taken to places she didn’t want to go. She ended up with my dad in Qld and eventually to a nursing home where she became like a vegetable. Very sad but she is now in heaven, with a new body, and my dad, who came a few years later, rejoicing with many and above all with the King of Glory, completely healed and whole.

Antoinette Moussallem
3 years ago

BRUCE, Thank you for this encouraging and enlightening teach today. God Bless you always