Making Your Relationships Great in 2021 - Day 6

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marlene koch
3 years ago

I cannot get the video’s. Says private not available

Cheryl O'Grady
3 years ago


Helen Pederson
3 years ago

Thanks Bruce Amazing advice. Sure going to do. Blessings for sharing

3 years ago

Thanks, Bruce. What an amazing concept.

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce! I loved this message! I had been thinking about something similar except, it would be writing down on a piece of paper what you liked seeing,hearing another person do and handing it to the person, whether you knew them or not. I bought a note pad especially for this and had completely forgotten all about it until this morning, when I saw shopping lists in the pad that I wrote!!! Today I tried to communicate over the phone to my mother and prayed first as I never know what to expect, what reaction I would receive. I… Read more »

Carmen Crestani Zuvic
3 years ago

Just wonderful… Thank you so much for opening my teary eyes!
God Bless xx