Making Your Relationships Great in 2021 - Day 7

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2 years ago

LOVED you presentation!

Denise Knowles
2 years ago

I really like to hear you speak, and tell us the new testament Bible some readings, I really like that, I would like to send you $500
But I do I do that.?

Valerie Simms
Reply to  Denise Knowles
2 years ago

Hi Denise I am like you, I look at Bruce’s messages and pray the Holy Rosary on the internet with members of this ministry. I find what Bruce, Rosemary and the Team do to be God sent!!! I have found two ways you can donate. One is by going to the GIVE tab above on this page. The other is to go to this web address Give. Both are reliable. But if you feel you want to talk to someone then I suggest you go to Bruce Downes Home Face Book page and look for Contact and you will… Read more »

Valerie Simms
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for this great message and of course I feel encouraged to reach out and let someone, no! several people in my family know that I love them! Oh by the way I hope you don’t mind that I gave a person who responded to you, some suggestions on how to donate to the ministry? I was so excited by the request that I didn’t want the ministry to miss out on this opportunity!!! God bless you Bruce and see you tomorrow!

Katherine Reid
2 years ago

Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you! Praying for God’s comfort and protection in all your ways today.