15th July - Being Led by the Spirit

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15 days ago

Thank you Bruce for the daily devotions! Please pray with us for our beloved country, South Africa!

Donna Redfearn
15 days ago

Very relevant for me atm. Thanku.

15 days ago

Thank you.

Leonie Cornell
15 days ago

Thank you for the reminder to ask the Holy Spirit. I asked for His help yesterday before going into my doctor. I got bad news and was asked to take a medicine with side effects that I have been avoiding for a few years. So the Holy Spirit gave me peace as I listened and now I have a few days or weeks to decide to take the advice or not. So I am asking for discernment, and I feel He has already answered, with the peace I hold, but am open to listen for a while. Today reminded me… Read more »

Reply to  Leonie Cornell
15 days ago

Joining you in Prayer for healing and discernment!

15 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your daily devotions, your message has helped me to keep my mind on the Holy Spirit, and not on myself and my lonliness in this lockdown.

Ursel Mihelcic
15 days ago

Thanks I’m not very good in writing. But enjoying your message every day thanks

Lucy Kimani
15 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your inspiring teachings. Be Blessed always.

15 days ago

Thank you for your prayers. Amen.

15 days ago

Hello Bruce thank you so much for having helped me to get deeper and deeper in the Holy Spirit.
For praying with us.
I ask you and your ministry to pray for peace in South Africa.For healing all those in pain and suffering and in hunger.
Thank you for coming into my life Bruce to bring God into my life.i lost the road to God but with your prayers I have found the road
God bless you and ministry.

Reply to  Gorete
15 days ago

Now that brings joy to all in the “family”! Unity and oneness so needed all over this World!!!

15 days ago

A heart for Him alone….one by one! So pleasing to God! Continue to be blessed by your sincere sharing your life journey with Him!

15 days ago

Thank you so much Bruce!!! I needed to hear this message! One day I missed out on praying and writing down my Personal Prayer. Even though I had prayed several prayers, it wasn’t the same Bruce! I missed the close contact I felt with the Holy Trinity! I also missed the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart and conscience. So I continued again and has it been difficult! BUT there is a spiritual battle going on! This I discovered by stumbling upon Micah 7:7! And then delving more deeply into this prophet’s life story,as I knew virtually nothing about him… Read more »

Marci Valente
15 days ago

Thank you Bruce. God bless you and all your family and ministry. 💞🙏🕊🌈🌎

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Douglas H Thomas Sr
14 days ago

God Bless you Bruce and Rosemary and your family

Jones Ruth
14 days ago

Thank you again Bruce on the Holy Spirit. You also have a GREAT sense of humor. Pray for the USA.

JJ Revab
13 days ago

Bruce, Thanks for the shout out! As always, a respectful nod to you and the team for the incredible work you do in the Vineyard of the Lord.

Jackie Caldare
10 days ago

My way of understanding how God can be 3 Persons in one, I think with colors, example, green…I know that it is the colors yellow and blue resulting in green, I can envision God is 3 persons that way, make it clearer for me.

4 days ago

I was trying to order your two books but it will not let me. Are they gone?