Resurrection Living - Day 3

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Anne Dimech
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce your words are always so inspiring and uplifting. God truly shines through you to others. I will pray for you that you will feel better soon. God bless you and Rosemary and your family. Thank you

Robyn Weigand
3 years ago

Hello Bruce I hope you don’t have the Coronia Virus what you said it sounds some of the early symptoms

Francis Deary
3 years ago

Hi Bruce, Thank you, the difference between habit and discipline is huge as you say. I really like your advice to avoid the risk of “boredom”. To enliven my daily commitment I use St. Benedicts Prayer Book. It has a different “Morning Offering” for each day over a two week period and encourages you to offer not only oneself to God but all your thoughts, words, actions, joys and sorrows. My current work provides me with many ups and downs but in offering them in prayer to God (especially the “downs”) I know that He will use these ups and… Read more »

Christopher Chua
3 years ago

Get better soon, Bruce!

3 years ago

Thank you, Man of Wisdom, learnt from the practices of life!
Your word “fresh’ spoke to me this morning – real, and so true, I know the experience over and over …. and how worthwhile it is.

Bruce, take care . . keep well . . .you are a beacon for many.
Easter blessings of peace, joy, love, well-being, . . . . . . . M

3 years ago

Thank you for today’s message Bruce, especially distinguishing between habit and discipline and to stay “fresh” – I am understanding that as remaining consciously aware so discipline doesn’t slip into unthinking habit.

Hope you feel better soon and in the meantime, you and your family are staying safe.

3 years ago

Hi Bruce. I too have a Commitment Prayer card I bought after listening to you in Perth about 10 years ago. I still have it and I have taken a photo of it (So I have it when I travel in my prayer notes in my phone) and is in my daily prayer and reflection each morning. I vividly remember this huge semi-trailer with The Catholic Guy parked outside St. Benedict’s, Applecross and wondered what this was all about. So glad I came along. Thank you and God Bless to yourself, Rosemary (and the Heart conferences) and all your family… Read more »

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for turning up and encouraging us to choose God daily to be first in our lives today despite you not feeling well! I will pray that you recover very soon. You are very much needed. I’ll also pray that your family will be well too . Last year I had something similar myself. It turned into what I thought was a very nasty flu with much coughing especially at night. This was before the corona virus too. I went to see the doctor and he thought perhaps I may have had pneumonia. I saw an ear, nose… Read more »

3 years ago

God Bless you abundantly Bruce and Rosemary for the tremendous way you are evangelising God’s word. I know that God will heal you Bruce.

3 years ago

Thank you for your sacrifice in continuing these videos even through you aren’t well. Watching them is like hearing from a friend everyday.
Thank you for your daily encouragement in taking steps to grow closer to God. I will pray for your health and for your family and team.

Leonie M Cornell
3 years ago

I understand what you are saying Bruce. I have said a surrender for a long time, but keep taking it back over the day. A book I am reading calls it abandonment to God. I like that expression. I choose again today to go deeper.

3 years ago

Hi Bruce,we are still celebrating Easter so Happy Easter to you,RoseMary and all the staff.Thank you for all you are doing to help everyone to get closer to God.Make sure you take care of yourself and get better soon.Thank you.God Bless you and all the staff.

Odell Roundtree
Reply to  agnes
3 years ago


My prayer is that you will feel better. And thank you for sharing another message.

Irvin Flood-Holmberg
3 years ago

Hi Bruce Agree so totally that I often feel my prayers are habit and not really connecting with God. Been trying to ask Him daily for awhile now that I recognise His presence in everyone I meet and in everything I do; that I hear His voice guiding me to His ways in all I do, say or even think. I keep trying to hear His voice telling me what I should do and am trying to respond to what I think was His direction to try to remember Him in each moment and offer up whatever I am doing… Read more »

John McDaniel
3 years ago

I pray against this illness in a Jesus name, be healed in Jesus name.

3 years ago

Hi Bruce,
Hope your feeling better and your old self again. Wondering if you can list the 6 Commitment Steps for Daily Surrender again please.
Best wishes and God Bless, Teresa

3 years ago

Thank you..much to pray about..hope you are well now.

Jessica Reid
3 years ago

God bless You Bruce. Please send me the Card that 1129 woodland creek way apex nc 27502

Laura Andary
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for reminding me to discipline my daily surrender to God..can you please send me the commitment card with the 6 steps to daily surrender to God. Regards Laura