Resurrection Living - Our Pulse

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4 years ago

Thank you Bruce..

John Mc
4 years ago

ThankYou Bruce, Even now as I get older I find when I retire at night after prayer and when I awake in the morning prayer is always on my lips. Even when I was plumbing during the day if I had a problem I would ask my Guardian Angel to help me and believe He would. Jesus said, Trust me, always thank him He loves you. He died for each of us, no problem is too big for Him, all we have to is to have faith, thank and ask. he never fails us, Thank you, Bruce, His pulse never… Read more »

4 years ago

Thanks Bruce

John T
4 years ago

Thanks Bruce, what beautiful way to connect with God , I will liken my pulse beat to visulize my daily connection with God, even if just saying thank you God for your presence in my life. Amen

4 years ago

Powerful, Bruce, and so true . . . the gift of prayer journalling!

Rattanavady Genevieve Luangrathrajasombat
4 years ago

Thank you for us all to connect to and through GOD’S during the CLOSURE of The CHURCHES or MEETING PLACES TO RECEIVE OUR LORDS BLESSING CONTYINUALLY AMEN.

Kat A
4 years ago

Praise for answered prayers.
My sister Marys leg is healing well.
Praying for Miraculously healing so she won’t need a skin graf.
I feel the Holy Spirit is telling me this will happen through prayer..
Thank you Bruce for making my faith stronger and opening up my heart to prayer.

Rattanavady Genevieve Luangrathrajasombat
4 years ago

May 18 Thankyou ‘PULSE’ weak and treading and wandering
My quiet space lasts less than 8min. some distraction or I am needed. I did write pray in writing accumulating I just can’t. HOLY SPIRIT has been with me at a time starting getting teary and warm. DISCIPLINE DAILY PRAYER 15min.Father please help me. AMEN