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Michael Siebel
3 years ago

Hello Bruce & Rosemary
As i continue to listen to your encouraging ministry, I pray that our wonderful Lord will provide you with the funds you require to continue your great work. Thank you Bruce for the lovely letter you sent me ,it was very kind & much appreciated.
Warm regards
PS I have just made a further contribution ,but I not sure if this has gone through?Please check.

3 years ago

I totally agree that we can become wiser as we become older and that wisdom stems from the combination of experience and knowledge. These days I rarely wish the “challenging incidents” away – I think we need that combination of learning from the experience coupled with knowledge to ground what we call our “wisdom” – we wouldn’t be who we are without the unique combination. And, with the benefit and clarity of hindsight, God has the BEST way of teaching us through experiences!

Reply to  Lee
2 years ago

I agree. I believe that God has given me guidance in my life… Thank you for your message..