Lord Work in Me

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11 months ago

Thank You Bruce&Rosemary 😊🙏and Team 😊🙏 for helping to get through every day things and Lent with God 😊❤️. God Bless Your weekend 🙏😊.

11 months ago

Am I missing where the daily devotionals are dated. I don’t always get a chance to listen everyday but do go back to get those I missed. I think I remember last year’s being dated

Thank you Bruce for giving me the tools to anchor myself to more of the way God wants me to live 💖

11 months ago

Bruce, I have to say you have literally changed everything about how I pray. I’ve always been Catholic but in the last 10 years I stopped going to mass. I just feel to distant and let me be honest our priest is not a good speaker. ( I had some severe trauma during that time and to be fair it completely affected inside and out…..I lost my only child my son at 26) Regardless I’ve always prayed but never in the way I do now after listening to you. I feel closer to GOD than I ever have. Thank you… Read more »

Reply to  Gina
11 months ago

Sorry for the typos….I should of clarified my son was 26 when he passed

Roseann Koppy
11 months ago

I need an address to send a check .