Listening to the Holy Spirit - 2nd June

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3 months ago

Thank you Bruce for such an eye opener! You gave me a lot to think about.

3 months ago

Hi Bruce.
Thank you for the powerful message.I feel that so many times when the Holy Spirit speaks for me to do the right thing,I turn to do the opposite.
Needs your prayers for me to be strong in faith to do as the Holy spirit guides.
Kind regards.
God bless!

3 months ago

Praise God for your teachings! This series confirms the importance of surrounding yourself with encouraging people. I have been led to make many decisions by the Holy Spirit confirming through other people, some of them not Christians. There is a peace & calmness of spirit when you’ve made the godly decision coupled with faith.

Reply to  cheryl
3 months ago

Beautifully said!!! 💖🙌👍🎉 and enjoy this most beautiful day dear one… and spread the joy He has given to you!

3 months ago

You nailed it today.. best teaching ever!!! 👍🙌. Casting out fear in many… God did all He needed to do .now…. it’s up to each of us just how intimate we want to be with the lover of our souls! One sided relationships just don’t work🕊. 🙏”Father God, continue in Bruces endeavor to open blind eyes and deaf ears to the Truth!!! And there is only one Truth!!!

3 months ago

Bless you Bruce. Some of the things you say really makes sense cause sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks to me, but I try and analyze what he has said and whether I should act on it. I have acted on the message before and felt so relief like a heavy load has been lifted off my shoulders. If I don’t act I keep on hearing this voice in my head all the time about the same message. So thanks for confirming about the Holy Spirit speaking to us.

3 months ago

Thank You 😊🙏Bruce&Rosemary and Team have a amazing Blessed Weekend ✨.

Marie Mcintosh
3 months ago

This is truly an outstanding series. I can’t wait each day to hear what you have to share with us. God has chosen well with you. You are making it so understandable, and thought provoking. I am elated about God as never before. I was confirmed as a child, but never ever came close to this understanding and way of looking at things, and I am only a beginner. Lives are indeed going to be changed. Thank you and Thanks be to God.

Ursel Mihelcic
3 months ago