Hidden in My Heart - 11th May

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9 months ago

This was meant for me this morning Bruce. How easy I forget “that God has got this”. He is in control and I have to follow what He puts in front of me to get me there. I stumble along the way because my faith dwindles, things don’t happen fast enough and I forget to lift up my eyes for a while. God bless you and your team.

Reply to  Lynn
9 months ago

🙏 at 76 I still have a problem while I am in His “waiting room”😳. But He has never failed me yet, others have but His love never fails! He is so very good to all of us!🥰

9 months ago

Following today’s devotional: In my copy of the Message Bible, it says it is translated directly from Hebrew and Ancient Greek into modern English. (There is another bible which is just a translation of a translation – I think it’s the Living Bible.) But, loving the series so far. 😊

9 months ago

Scripture give us hope needed… when needed! Keep feeding your flock so they can feed others🤗Great job!!! 🙏and thanks for you and your entire team!

9 months ago

“Let me not wander from your commandments”. Thank you for the scripture readings today.

Isabel. Jimenez
9 months ago

Amen 🙏

Ursel Mihelcic
9 months ago