22nd November - God Has Wonder in Store for You

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Linda O'Rourke
1 year ago

Good morning Bruce,
Thank you for todays reflection. Just letting you know that every day when my husband and I are praying the Rosary, you, your family and your team are included in our pray requests. God Bless.

Mary Ann
1 year ago

I really enjoyed todays reflection. Thank you. I too pray everyday for you and Rosemary and the ministry .
That God will do amazing things for you as you do for others. Thanks for sharing the love of God and caring for us through Him.
Bless you

Reply to  Mary Ann
1 year ago

Yes I pray that prayer also. Thank you Bruce. Thank you Mary Ann. Everyone including the names on the Prayer Wall & those who submitted the names of those people. Blessings Vivienne 🙏

Ursel Mihelcic
1 year ago


1 year ago

Jesus , thank you for rescuing me .- from pan , from hopelessness , from death . you are so good !

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce ,I so appreciate words .My husband is battling cancer and at times I find it hard to pray .As we struggle please pray for us .Eileen

Judy Desmarais
1 year ago

Please pray for my family’s unity. My family needs help to stay together

1 year ago

Prayers please for family members of husband and 5 children and their children, to know and love Jesus….for my Mum as her health begins to deteriorate in her 94th year; that she continues to hold her Lord close to her heart; that her negativity is done away with, as Her Heavenly Father’s Presence is felt closer than ever before, to guide her Home.

Marilyn Desmond
1 year ago

Love these messages

Lucy Kimani
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for the Word. Be Blessed always you & your Ministry.

Kathleen Finamore
1 year ago

Please pray for my friend Julia who is suffering May the Lord’s will be done .. may she experience peace Amen

Vicky Sammut
1 year ago

Thank you, Bruce. Every day you have an amazing message for us.