The Most Important Message of the Year - January 28th

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2 years ago

When one door closes God will open another one for you .

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for this very challenging message!!! I will have to send you a personal email Bruce!!! You will receive the email soon and I will pray especially for your special ministries for this Lent in 2022!!! That is a promise Bruce!!! May the Lord continue to bless you Bruce,Rosemary,Emma and all who work in the ministries and provide you all for this great undertaking to reach millions!!! For this Lent!!! Hopefully you will receive the email tomorrow!!!

Maureen Green
2 years ago

Three days ago Kathleen asked me where to find the Holy Spirit prayer that you just said. Although you did not say the whole pray that you sent me Bruce. I hope she and many others join us in saying it. I have said it 3 times a day since the 2nd September 2021. I hope The Holy Spirit sends you the funds you need to spread Gods word even further.

Lucy Kimani
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for the teaching & prayer. Blessed Friday

Marci Valente
2 years ago

Blessings Bruce for your ministry and God bless all those who hear the Word and act upon it. Looking forward to Sunday.

2 years ago

Grateful that I was in the path of your finding me. It will be one year ago…lent 2021…have had questions but many blessings. Amen

2 years ago

I can not give at this time as I already gave a large sum to my home church for a lot of much needed repairs. Thank You for all you do for those who if not for you can hear the word of God. Hope I will be able to give at a future time. Blessing to you and your staff.

Severina Rocha
2 years ago

Hi Bruce & Rosemary Thank you for your Ministries it will be 1 year since I first saw the Lent Journey. I am so grateful for you Ministry! God Bless!!!
Severina Rocha

Cecilia Rebenstorf
2 years ago

Just rejoined,happy to be back, will wake up earlier, and read message first.

Barbara L Cavalieri
2 years ago

I just had my Feb 1st major surgery cancelled because my insurance company won’t approve my doctors grafting material he needs to use. They want him to use a lesser material, that he says won’t allow me to heal properly. He has filed an emergency appeal. Please pray that they will reconsider this appeal and let this surgery go through as planned, I am in such pain. Thank you for praying!

Lucia Tarasiewicz
2 years ago

Thank you for all you do in God’s name. Pray please for world peace & conversion of poor sinners & consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary & end of COVID. God bless

Patricia Johnston
2 years ago

We all need faith and trust in this day and age …probably more than ever Thankyou for offering hope to many. My son Cameron has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer and I am thankful for his Faith and am trying to strengthen mine
Tricia Johnston 😔🙏

Tracey Digman
2 years ago

Praying for many to come to Jesus as Lord and Savior