Prepare for Jesus Coming to You - 25th November

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1 year ago

Thank you Bruce. Blessings for you, your Family & Ministry team in abundance. 🙏😇🙏

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for reminding us/ me, that it is not our eloquent words, not our human wisdom, but in powerfully encountering our Lord that will draw our families, our loved ones and those we don’t know that well to Him!!! St Paul who I see as a feisty Evangelist, surprised me in this Scripture passage 1 Corinthians 2: 1- 5. He describes how he came to the Corinthians in weakness, fear and much trembling! He states that he wanted to know nothing among them EXCEPT Jesus Christ and Him crucified! That their faith would not be reliant on human… Read more »

1 year ago

Yes I sent an invitation to a number of people yesterday inviting them to the Advent series. I told them how I make the daily talks part of ny prayer time. God bless and looking forward to next week.

Marjorie Jobb
1 year ago

Thank you for Christmas daily devotional prayers.

Barry Tennihan
1 year ago

Wonderful message of course. I am preparing a list of people that I am going to send the link to that I pray changes there lives.