Hear His Voice - 19th July

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16 hours ago

Thank you!

Donna Redfearn
13 hours ago


Valerie Lack
12 hours ago

I wanted to share with you, how GOD speaks to me. He gives me songs in the night. Years ago now when I first started to listen to your broadcasts, I was away in Tasmania with our youngest daughter and granddaughter. Over a few nights, the same song kept popping into my head. It was a song which I have never really liked. It was “ Them bones, them bones, them dry bones, now hear the word of the Lord”. So it caught my attention. Yes Lord, I will talk less and hear your word more. Last night another song… Read more »

Reply to  Valerie Lack
6 hours ago

Thank you for sharing how God speaks to you, Valerie. He certainly is a God of surprises who sometimes speaks to us when we least expect it. Personally, I often hear his messages of love through the hymns we sing at Mass that keep repeating in my mind magnifying the Reading of his Word … and thankfully I am blessed to recognise that the message IS meant for me!

Reply to  Valerie Lack
4 hours ago

It is wonderful to know that not only you discern but you obey. May our Lord be with you always

Joanne Cocivera
36 minutes ago

I am also asking for prayers for an end to gun violence in the world & especially the USA where there are so many shootings Of individuals & groups (especially children) Using assault rifles meant for war!