“We exist to reach those who do not connect with the Church, so they come to an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.”– Bruce Downes, The Catholic Guy

The cause of Bruce Downes Ministries is clear:

To proclaim the Good News, bringing people into a relationship with Jesus Christ to impact their real-life issues to live a better life.

This is how we will change people’s lives and take the message of the Church, which many people are struggling to connect with, and make it personal to those who hear it.


Bruce Downes, The Catholic Guy

As a teenage boy, he felt that God has put on his heart a calling to proclaim the Gospel in ways that takes the same message of the Church and communicates it in fresh ways, and to raise up as many other people as possible to do this. He speaks frequently at conferences, travels extensively for ministry, and delivers Messages that are seen around the world. He and his wife have five children and six grandchildren.

Rosemary Downes

Rosemary has a heart for people and leads the Pastoral Care Ministry of Bruce Downes Ministries and Heart Women’s Ministry. Rosemary feels passionately about praying for people and oversees the prayer ministry with requests that come from all around the world.