Milly From UG

Dear Lord, As this year begins....I want to thank you for this life that you have given to me and my family, for another chance to start over. Lord Jesus, to be honest I did have plans last year but I can\'t think of any that went through...I never committed them to you Lord but this year I want this to change and I want to commit these plans to you and pray they be done according to your holy will. Lord, Jesus I pray to you that this year I maybe blessed with a stable that is respectful, reliable and one that can lead me to receive the sacrament of Holy matrimony because I desire to receive this Lord and to be part of this family, I commit to you my finances and my job Lord,may I find a right place/platform to invest and may I be able to give back to you and to help those in need, I commit to you my heart it has been in shutters because of the hurt and disappointment that I received...may I change this time around and believe in your healing and receive the joy and peace, Lord i do commit my plan of joining school so that I can do and compete better in the jobs to come..I also commit my plan to work on the house as this has been long overdue, I do commit my plan to continue providing for my family without any difficulty Lord. With your guidance Lord be with me always this me to control my negative emotions..whenever I\'m sad Lord...let me always remember you are with me and the Holy Spirit will pour joy and peace around my family and I. You are a wonderful, merciful and miraculous God....I love you Lord. Amen