Francies From AU

Pls pray with me for my son who kick me out of his house he is married to a Muslim girl who always makes me look like I’m a bad mother and she knows best as she is better in every way as a mother and wife, she doesn’t like me as I never took my cross that I wear when they got married, she didn’t put give me or put up photos of their wedding day of me and my husband next to our son there was lot of photos taken of us with him n her and her parents but not even 1 I saw us she said they didn’t come out, but she got a lot of her family mother father brother sister, I have accepted her right from the beginning giving her love I love all of my children but she is just want to put me down to them , she doesn’t like me to baby sit my grandkids but always call her mother to come 2hrs my plane, or she fly up there and brings them up there way I don’t interfere as I want my son to be happy and be good to his wife and for everything to be right for them I Just pray to God for everything to be good , my son just now put me down and judges me , my heart I keep quiet I love him so much but I rather he is good to her so can be happy and bless their marriage I’m trusting in GOD by letting go and let GOD I can’t believe what happen that he kick me out I only been good to her and give her love , she just want my son she is better mother wife she has better parents and brother n sister then his , GOD knows how much I love my son I just know and trust GOD WILL but I don’t want anything to go wrong for them peace and for her to feel that way about me I’m his mother who loves him and always want him to be good to her as he is if it makes her happy I not there ok as long they are good to each other But not fair for my 3 grandkids Bless them GOD look after them. Thank you for listening to me. I’ll just keep trusting in GOD

Valentine Judy From IN

Pray for Valentine\'s family to settle in Bangalore, bless Neha with Bank job govt job in Bangalore, Nikita to be placed in the best Company of Engineering with high package in Bangalore, bless Vellu Judy with good jobs in Bangalore, bless Neha Nikita to settle very close to each other in Bangalore, bless Neha Nikita with suitable loving holy understanding rich catholic life partners who will keep Vellu Judy in their homes, healNehas Nikitaseyes and uterus heal them completely from PCOS problem heal Jairuss Kidneys from cancer heal Nehas throat and eyes completely from auto immune disease heal Judy from cancer depression anxiety sleeplessness fearmentaldisorder panick attacks phobia, deliver Valentine\'s Arun\'s Jeevans Jairuss families and families of Vellus siblings from cancer and all the ailments of body and mind, deliver us from ancestral bondages physical emotional spiritual intellectual faculty, deliver us from evil spirits blocks bondages spell curse possession dominion trials tribulations afflictions apparitions infirmities traps of the devil and the demons right now, bless our finances lives intentions prayers studies future health and teaching profession, avoid us from comitting sins in thoughts words deeds and in dreams, keep us in your bosom every moment of our lives LordJesus Mama Mary all saints and Angels, deliver Vellu Jairus Arun from drinking alcohol completely, grant salvation for the departed souls of Mathias andAndrade D\'souza Ghaste Anantha Swami family tree and geneology.