Isabel From US

I request prayers for my youngest son Sergio who needs healing for his brain health, anxiety, insomnia, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain on his left leg for many years all together. Being only 20 years old, we pray for his Physical, spiritual healing, he can recover and have the strength to go back to a happy normal life, go back to College to pursue Zoology, physically active, recover motivation to enjoy and perform study, to work effectively, enjoying animals, playing music, and grow inside out, enjoy the right crew of friends, to move forward in the right direction, with the right people, in the right place, doing the right thing. For his heart to receive and give love, for his talents to be used in this world, to have that video on and conquer the world with his young age. Strength his spiritual life to have a balance moral value life. We pray to the Lord 🙏❤️ We pray for my husband who is oral cancer survivor, for his brain and Phisical health, spiritual, personal, work life to bright and continue growing in love with our family, decrease his anxiety, he can perform well providing for our family in much need. To give him the strength to love, to grow, to guide our family in Gods way. We pray to the Lord 🙏❤️ We also pray for my older son Diego who is about to graduate from College in AeroSpace Engineering, continuing his Masters to have the strength and love to guide him during our difficult times as family, to put us all together, for him to have the vision to continue his spiritual, Carreer, passion, music, family and friends in the right direction to be strong, with a balance moral value life. Diego also needs healing, guidance and love to continue serving our world. We pray to the Lord ❤️🙏 We pray for me and our family to be United in love, to strength our spiritual life, to heal our brain and Phisical health to continue serving our family, community and the world. We pray to the Lord ❤️🙏 Thank you 🙏 ❤️🙏