Margareet From AU

Dear Lord Jesus! Mother Mary & Papa Joseph, Thank you for everything you have given to us. I pray for John , Luke & George, Raymond free from addiction, healing & conversion of their body soul & spirit. Please open their minds & hearts, cover with your Precious blood & fill them with your Holy Spirit, show your love & grow as your way Lord. Please bless them draw them near to you my Lord & My God. Please bless Albert Have Mercy on him, see his loneliness & suffering, guide him safely way back home & to you Lord. Please lay your healing hands to Janet\'s ears & cure her hearing loss so that she can hear your words & sing the songs of Psalm again. Please give good health to my husband & sisters. Peace in our hearts, homes & our country. Healing relationship within my husband & sons, create the new hearts to them. Please guide my son go back to University sucessful of his study journey. Bless my young son study well & guide him until finish university. Blessing ,protection & lead your way to my nephews journey of their life. Protect them all the danger away from them every days of their life. Daniel to receive first Holy Communion , bless Daniel ,Elizabeth to be a good children. Conversion for Phyo believe in Jesus Christ , I concercrate to my bro, sons, nephews, & nieces to you become obedient & good children. We belongs to you , I praise to you, I love you, I trust you Lord. Have mercy on us. Please hear my prayers oh Lord! In the name of Jesus, intercession of Mother Mary & Papa Joseph ,I pray. Amen.Amen.Amen.