Dawn From US

Thank you for your prayers. I have a great number of needs right now. My daughter in-law is asking for a divorce. She is not a Christian, she is very overwhelmed with their 3 children 10 mos, 3 yrs and 5 yrs while working full-time in daycare facility she dislikes. She was raised by her grandmother . She has been very sheltered. She has very low self esteem. She has unrecognized depression. My son has anger issues. They also lost their first child. Please pray for them to reconnect and be stronger and find a relationship with the Lord and a church. The children need to know the Lord.. My other need is my daughter has serious health illnesses and mental health issues. Where at times she is totally disabled and has 2 children she\'s over protective of . She needs help but has abused those who help including her husband. She is more capable of doing stuff especially watching her own children ages 7 and 10. They are very responsible and have been forced to be more adulting than kids should be as They to have to care for her.. She is seriously hurting everyone by not stepping up and by constantly making everyone else think she is worse then she is. She can and has worked for days and days when she has an obsession in her mind praying she stops being so self centered and steps up to care for her family. Her husband is so overwhelmed he is being treated for depression and anxiety from dealing with her. She can be very difficult for all. Any time someone else has a problem somehow she is all knowing and then turns it back to her terrible life. My husband has a stressful, and I call terrible job that goes against his views but stays because I am disabled after a brain aneurysm which I have many issues. He is having health issues which he will not go to Dr for as he has a distrust after watching all my medical care. Respiratory issues are very concerning yet he avoids. Thanks again for all your prayers 🙏. God bless you all