Liliana From US

Need prayers for my son Mathew who has lost his job, owes thousands in child support, is about to get his car repossessed and is in a heavy addiction to crack cocaine and living in my home and in heavy depression not seeing a way out of his situation. I also need prayers for my husband who does not want our son at home and is threatening to walk out of a 49 year marriage. Our son MAthew is a twin and his brother James is also suffering due to his brother’s circumstances. He was also unemployed but thanks be to God that he got a job this week and is trying to save to move out. They are 40 years old and both were left by the mothers of their children. James has a 22 year old in college and a 17 year old finishing secondary school. Mathew has 14 girl who visits him every other week and he does stay sober for her visits. We also have two other adult children who live away from home. Davide age 43 who has battled cancer and with the mother of his child who also left him and delivered his daughter under an assumed name and did not baptize her or put his last name on the birth certificate. He does see her often but not having his name legally hurts him deeply. We also have a 46 Year old daughter who is a devout Catholic and is now helping her 30 year old son take care of his two year old son because his wife had stage three cancer and is recovering at home from a radical double mastectomy. She is also 30 years old. So much going on in our family! I go to mass and pray daily for our Lord to help me. Thank you!