Karen From US

Thank you for praying for me. \"Confess your sins to one another that you may be healed. The fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.โ€ James 5:16. I find it interesting that confession of my sins in order to be healed precedes the fervent prayer, because that is exactly pertinent for me. I have had back pain for over 14 years, and it is now very severe. I don\'t have discs in some of my lumber vertebrae due to severe degenerative disc disease (DDD), and stenosis (narrowing) where the nerves pass through openings of the vertebrae, and on my spinal cord. Stenosis causes compression of the nerves. The lumber is much worse, than my cervical spine disease. It is very painful for me to sit at all, even as I type this prayer request. I have had numerous treatments, but after a while, they don\'t work depending on the severity of the condition. I also do physical therapy. I am hoping to have a procedure called a spinal cord stimulator implanted in my spine that stimulates the nerves through a wire that vibrates and tricks the brain into not experiencing pain (I hope). The outcome may be a 50% reduction in pain. I am very afraid to have a spinal fusion, even though 5 spinal surgeons have told me I need one, due to failed spinal surgery syndrome in 60% of spinal fusion patients. With that said, I now confess that I have been taking opioid pain medication for about 10 years, roughly. It can cause brain damage when taken long term. I attend online pain support groups. I would like to go to a Christian 12 step group in person (no online meetings) but I am in too much pain to go because it lasts about 3 hours, and it is a long drive, given my pain. I have also attended 12 step groups for alcoholism (AA) for 36 years, and I do not drink alcoholically, although I may have one drink a week, and I fully intend to go to an AA meeting tonight and confess my sins. People in online pain support groups share, and I believe them, that people not suffering with severe chronic pain in AA meetings do not understand and do not empathize and try to help. I also confess that I can\'t stand the pain and I don\'t want to lie in bed all day and night in excruciating pain. I have quit pain medication cold turkey many times for about 4-5 days, but the pain is too much and I go back to the pain medication. Severe pain is a leading cause of suicide (of course I know suicide is against God\'s will). The apostle Paul admonishes us to suffer for Christ, as Christ suffered for us. I feel I am sinning and walking after the flesh, and not after the spirit, and I feel very ashamed and guilty. At the same time, I know medication is necessary for many medical conditions. Will you please pray God gives me wisdom regarding the back procedures, medications, and for complete, miraculous healing? Will you also pray for wise, compassionate, skilled pain management doctors and surgeons? By the way, I have had a chronic migraine headache for 9 months, along with both elbows sprained, and I live alone in Michigan with no friends or family to help. Pain causes isolation (as if Covid isnโ€™t bad enough). There are no teenagers willing to help me with yard work. Iโ€™ve tried looking many places. Leaf and snow removal starts at $65/hour. I have not had an income since being laid off for Covid April 21, 2020. I donโ€™t want to go on disability. I am waiting on God and I hope to get back to work. I also have a mold problem in my house, but I am unable to fix it due to structural house problems causing my basement to have water in it when it rains. I may have mold toxicity, so I run an air purifier, but itโ€™s not enough. I may also have a carbon monoxide leak in my 65 year old house (as an estimator for a new furnace suggested). I plan to replace the heater. If I get mold remediation, my house could be condemned. My house also needs new plumbing, electricity, and carpeting (itโ€™s really bad), air conditioning (Michigan is very hot and humid in the summer) and my garage needs to be rebuilt, as the base boards have rotted, as well as the door and window. I guess I need prayer for all that, too, please. I find it very difficult to accomplish anything with my pain, the mold and the medication possibly causing cognitive brain function problems. I am considering relocating to a drier climate, but I grew up here (I went to college out west and stayed there 33 years due to being raised in a dysfunctional single parent home) and I would miss my one friend and my 2 cousins in Ohio. One cousin is very handy but he wonโ€™t help me. I realize this is a lot to pray for. All things are possible with God. Thank you very much for your prayers. God Bless You with His grace, peace, and meet all your needs.