Jacqueline From ZA

My beloved Father, please open your heart and pray for my family. Steve my husband is struggling with life at the moment, he is not Catholic but he loves listening to the rosary when he goes to sleep. He is an alcoholic, diabetic and his health is not good. He needs prayer. Pray for my daughter Monique her husband Steve son Zachary 8years and Sienna 7years. Sienna was diagnose with Leukemia a year ago, it\'s been a tough and lonely road as they live in New Zealand, we stay in South Africa. My son Jarad and his wife Gabriella have two daughters Madison 5years, Naomi 3years and a new born son Joshua, they live in the Caribbean. They have an hectic life and it\'s very challenging. Unfortunately we live in South Africa and my husband is retired, I started a SME business and all was going well until COVID arrived, my brother Cyril and he has a 18years son Ethan, is involved in the business, so we rely on that income. We currently working on a Development Project that is going to be funded by a overseas foundation. We been working on this from October 2021, they seem honest but we are still waiting. They said they would help fund the purchase of the container by the end of March. I pray so much that they are faithful to their word as that would give us financial healing. It will help me to visit my children especially Sienna in New Zealand. I pray pray pray and ask God to open his heart to me. Thank you all for your prayers and with God blessing our prayers will be heard.