Valerie From AU

Hello Bruce and Team I went to see the Job Network Provider today to find out what I need to do now that I have stopped volunteering at a Catholic Aged Care Facility. I found out there is no longer a choice of working or volunteering, I must look for work regardless if I volunteer or not. The Provider looked at my past record and discovered that I had not worked in years and that i had not searched for a job in years. I let her know that 16 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and it took quite a while for me to recover. After five years I decided to volunteer at the Catholic Aged Care Facility. Then both my husband and I applied for New Start at Centrelink. We have been with Centrelink for many years. My husband has not been fully employed for more than ten years. I have been out of work for sixteen years. My husband Tony would love to be in a paying job that would make a difference to people\'s lives but at the age of 61, this has become very difficult. As for me I would love to put my Faith into action and either volunteer or work part time in a Christian/ Catholic Faith based organization. Where I can make a difference to people\'s lives too in any little way, shape or form. The other day as I was praying my usual PERSONAL Prayer, I arrived at N for Nourish. This is where I get out my Bible to see, hear what the Lord wants to say to me for that day. I read acts 9: 36-43. While reading this scripture passage I began to remember several things. The first was how this scripture passage reminded me of another scripture passage where Jesus raised a twelve year old girl from the dead. This particular passage of Jesus healing a woman who suffered from hemorrhages and the the girl restored to life had great significance symbolically of the restoration the Lord has been doing in my life. As I returned to reading the recent scripture passage, I read concerning Tabitha , known as a devout disciple who accomplished good works and charity, who had just passed away from an illness. I began to think of how much importance I placed on proclaiming the gospel and how less importance I placed on good works! Then I was brought way back in my past. When I was a single young woman I became a Pentecostal, after leaving the Catholic Church behind when my parents left England with us children when I was ten. I remember standing outside the Pentecostal Church with Bible in hand waiting. I decided while I waited to open my Bible and read. My eyes fell upon the scripture verse, Faith without works is dead. This was the first time I had seen this verse and wondered what did it mean? I thought about how at that time I had heard no sermons concerning good works at that Church. I had heard however many on Faith being a gift from God, that you could not earn nor could you be born into Faith. Then I began to think how I had not seen any obvious visual signs of good works being performed within the Church\'s organization. This then led me to ask are there any other Churches that I could think of that were obviously performing good works and charity? One came to mind quickly, the Catholic Church. I thought to myself surely I should be able to think of others. After a while the Salvation Army came to mind. This scripture verse every now and again would pop into my mind and I would continue to wonder why this scripture verse had not been brought to light and explained. After attending several Churches of different denominations I came back to the Catholic Faith after over 40 years of absence! And after all this time I am still wondering about Faith without good works is dead. This time however I am wondering if the Lord is calling me to do good works and involve myself in charity work for Centrelink??? Would it be volunteering? Would it involve me being paid? Another serious question I would like to ask the Lord is this. Would the Lord want me to experience a remarkable enough recovery to see me, work, use my abilities and talents that God gave me in good works of some kind? Is this God\'s Will for me? Could you please pray for me, my husband and my son as we are all out of work and for my son\'s girlfriend for this upcoming year, as to where we all will live? Which Catholic Church I should plant spiritual roots in? That my whole family and relatives will encounter our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour! That my husband Tony\'s peripheral neuropathy will improve due to diabetes and cause him less pain discomfort. Better still if it is God\'s Will to heal him of this pain and suffering! Thank you for reading this LONG prayer request! Thank you for your patience and prayers in advance!!! I very much appreciate you all praying alongside with me. It certainly strengthens and comforts my soul. God bless you all! In Christ\'s Love, Valerie