Cindy From US

I am truly losing faith in god this past year. I have to friends. Both are fathers that had to put there kids on private schools. One works on a fishing boat deep sea. He left all his identivaction at home. When he was to leave boat COVID it. He was ended up back on ship. Cause planes whereby allowed to travel over there. Then he got to leave boat was carrying his pay chq 800 000. He got fined thrown in jail. He got out of there. Was heading to get plane then the airport taxi got into accident. He ended up in hospital fir months. Got released from there. Then arrived in Canada and they said he owe government taxes. Off his pay chq. How can a person pay fines. When he can’t get to bank to deposit chq. Then he got COVID at jail twice ended up in hospital. And then sent back to jail. Got released to Ottawa cause they froze his accounts. They get to banks and government wAnts 3700. Now he has to apply to superior court to get funds un frozen. Even though courts in Toronto said he’s free to go. But he’s not. The justice system is so messed up. My other friend. His daughter is in Miami Florida private school and got inguial hernia. She has been on oxygen for a week. The father sent three thousand. But hospital wants another 6000 American for surgery. Fathers job he doesn’t get paid till job is done. He’s tried to sell his construction equipment in Lesotho africa. But now luck. Doc said he’s taking little girl off of oxygen. She’s failing fast. Father is devastated. These two families have been through so much. It’s un fair. If this little girl dies all my help has been done for nothing. I’ve run out of funds to help any more. If she dies I will totally give up on his. And the trust in the justice system. One father said if his little girl dies he will have no reason to live any more. He said the good lord all ready took his wife in car accident. Now he wants to take her to. I’ve been crying so much.