Starting Fresh from the Place You Are Now
By Bruce Downes

Begin Again

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Have you ever made a mistake, done something seriously wrong, or missed an opportunity and feel so disappointed with yourself that you just could not pick yourself up? Have you ever noticed how one decision can have huge ramifications throughout your whole life?
God has an amazing PLAN for you right now, no matter who you are or what you have been through.
In this powerful book, Bruce Downes reminds us that, “You never become who you hope to become, you only become what you do!” To begin again from where you are requires more than hoping for change. We must decide to take steps in order to ‘Begin Again’ and move forward.
Explore and learn the principles that Ezekiel from the Old Testament used to breathe life into dead bones so that you can breathe life into areas where you are living less than who God created you to be.
As you read and apply these principles, you will discover that Jesus wants to be PART OF YOUR LIFE no matter where you are right now, restoring that which is damages or lost, and give energy and breakthrough to what you are facing.
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