The Catholic Guy
By Bruce Downes

Pray for Someone You Love

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“Are there people in your life that you regularly pray for? I have multiple people I consistently pray for! My mother always prayed for me as did my two grandmothers, one of whom I never met! I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their prayer. Every day, prayer requests pour in from around the world asking us to pray for people. I have had the great privilege of seeing God answer prayers repeatedly, which has brought me to believe that He can answer your prayers with precision and wisdom beyond anything we have.“

– Bruce Downes


Bruce is inviting you on this journey to Pray For Someone You Love with him and many others that are on this journey with you. He will guide you through the heart of prayer, help you learn how to pray and also what to pray for people you care about. Bruce’s teachings are illustrated with many true-life experiences in this powerful and dynamic book, providing motivation and encouragement for believers of any background who want a deeper prayer life.

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