Finding Peace in Times of Stress

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Bruce, thank you, your talks have brought me closer to God.

Christine ONeill

Today s service is an inspiration and an encouragement at this time. Thankyou Bruce, Rosemary and your team

Odell Roundtree

Bruce and Rosemary, Many heart-filled thanks to your messages today. I will make extra prayers for your Rosemary. Bruce, the Scriptures, Philippians 4:2-13, where you taught from today is so much related to where we all are right now in life, and now is a good time to be exceptionally helpful to others. I have had to learn that when God has called us to do His work, whether we teach, preach, etc. we are not contented when we let others discourage us with their words or attitudes. There is something that raises up inside of us that gives us… Read more »

Deanna Francke

Thank you Bruce & Rosemary your daily & weekly talks have brought me to a closer relationship with God. I now just speak to God from my heart whereas previously I thought I had to use formal prayers being Catholic I used an Our Father or Hail Mary. I still say those prayers but I also communicate one on one with God & its brought me great peace of mind. So keep these daily & weekly sessions going as I am sure they are reaching a lot of people & may God Bless you both & the team. PS. Rosemary… Read more »


Thank you Bruce, Rosemary and team , today’s message and songs were very powerful and inspirational, just what I needed today .


The world needs Jesus !

Deanna-Jane Sumner

Since mass is not an option at this time, I am so blessed for this opportunity you, Rosemary, and your team have given me. Thank you. #GodIsInControl

Wally Swift

Bruce, thank you so much for sharing your gift of touching peoples hearts by your witness. I lost my husband of 30years 10 weeks ago, he died suddenly after being diagnosed with Cancer. Trusting in God and His plan is all that has helped me. Listening to you these past weeks during Lent has blessed me so much. Music has helped me so much. I want to share this song by Casting Crown called I Surrender All To Jesus. May others be blessed by this music. God Bless your ministry.


Thank you, beautiful and such an heavenly inspiration.



robert Falzon

Great message Bruce.
You are making a difference and reaching people in Jesus name.
Bless you


Bruce, You encouraged us to pray and you said Lord God just say the unique word. People right now need the words from Jesus and that resonated with me. This moment in history will come & go. Being a follower of Jesus doesn’t need to be perfect and what we need to do is to be in the same openmind as Jesus. Do not worry we can’t be happy all the time. We are to rejoice in the Lord & trust in his divine spirit. Surrender in prayer ! Our cirumstances should not define us. Faith in God dictates who… Read more »


I wish to send a cheque. Please give address for receiving this.


Wow Bruce, I just finished watching your Impact video about finding peace in times of stress and it blew me away! What a powerful message of hope, peace and strength in the realigning of myself with Jesus. You were on fire for God and you really inspired me and made an impact on me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish I could keep this video to watch over and over again! God bless you, Rosemary, your family and your Ministry. God will never cheat you, nor let you down and I believe that your Ministry will not only… Read more »

Robyn Weigand

Thank you these wonderful young people with lovely voices and so dedicated to God and your wonderful ministry Bruce Bless you all


What a great service! May God bless you and the team for speaking God’s words and showing us by example how to be good witnesses of God’s grace. The phrase that struck me today was that we are “transformed in our thinking because we are Christ’s. YOu are Christ to me. I am encouraged and strengthened. what a joy I feel in my heart! All fear is gone in the light of God. Thank you.