In Dependence

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Steve A

thank you so much bruce, rosemary & the whole team…Although i have always been a church goer & thought i was leading a good christian life, i was always sceptic of my true faith with god….over d years of listening to you, the penny is dropping & am now starting to grow in faith towards god. For this i am truly thankful.

Valerie Simms

Thank you Bruce for today’s Teaching and prayer service. Thank you for explaining these passages of Scripture which concerned me for a long while. In our current culture, contemporary psychology and even in a few Churches I attended in the past would see these phrases ” I’m not worthy” and “Go away from me,Lord,for I am a sinful man” as self abasement, self put downs. In today’s society the focus is on the term “self- esteem” and ” self confidence” Pride has become mostly an acceptable norm and humility is rarely desired. I have to be honest and admit that… Read more »

Kon Adema

I will love to be part of this community of God seeking children


Thank you Bruce for a clear understanding of what it means to be Poor in Spirit: Not just to be humble, but to know our need of God, our dependance on Him.

Valerie Simms

Back again Bruce. I think I need to correct myself I do like to participate in traditional Catholic Church Masses as well as those more contemporary. Despite their differences, they both give expression to worshipping, adoring, honouring and receiving with reverence and gratitude the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. There has been times however when I have attended Mass and felt vague, distant and distracted as if on auto pilot. I would then take action and try to snap out of these episodes. I would say to myself afterwards I must be tired and in most cases… Read more »


LK 7:6-7 About the Centurion shows that Jesus recognised his pain and his humility. No ego in that man. I want to be aware of my ego and pride. As a result of your talk, I want Jesus to live through me


See prayer

Deanna-Jane Sumner

I take notes in my journal during all of your videos and try to read them at night as my Last Thought of the day. There were four things that stood out for me today: 1) The poor in spirit are those who believe they can not do it themselves and are dependent on God. 2) Asking for prayer IS a prayer. 3) I made the connection of what we say before receiving Communion and the Scripture; it makes so much more sense on a conscious level. 4) The list of the four things a person who is poor in… Read more »


You are my inspiration, God is with you.

Carole Swift

How can we get the sheetmusic (CD) so we can sing these beautiful songs in our own Parish?

Marge Johnson

I want to know you more, I SURRENDER!


Bruce, Rosemary and team. This has been the best teaching you have ever given to me. I have listened to it daily so far and intend to till you delete it.
Why….Do you have to Delete it.
I need this one forever cos I need constant reminders.
I’ve taken notes but everytime I listen I hear more and more.
Wow… That’s a powerful one. Thanks so very much.

Motena Ntabe

A very good message, i need more messages


I’m much inspired by ur good msg(s)nd for this l’m really nd truly thankful to LordJesus. I read ur msgs which’re really good to read nd l want more to read to forget my egos…
ThanQ so much…
With regard…

Joyclyn Brodeur

I am so happy to find this!

Abul kalam azad

hon, you have fund for new beliver and hummanity, shyempethy i am new beliverone years ago but no help for stablish my life everybody tell me training, coures, motivetion e t c but no help