Powerfully Changed

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Thank you for a really powerful message today Bruce.


God sends people like Bruce and Rosemary to show us the way and to inspire us. May they both be blessed abundantly.


Happy Pentecost Day to Bruce and TCG team. May the Holy Spirit enlighten you to spread the Word of God to the entire world.

Deanna Francke

Thank you Bruce a truly amazing and powerful message once again. This one I will watch a few times and hopefully in the end I will be invoked by the Holy Spirit.
May the Holy Spirit descend upon you, Rosemary & the team and bless you abundantly.

John Ollis

Thank you for your ministry today Bruce, I was blest and encouraged, will you be encouraging people to believe for and receive their personal prayer language ?

Francis Deary

Dear God, how can I thank you for your kindness for it is beyond extreme, how can I thank you for your mercy for it is more than phenomenal, how can I thank you for your care for it is infinite, how can I thank you for your love for it is unmeasurable, how can I thank you for the gift of your Son Jesus for He is my salvation and most of all dear God how can I thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit for it is the source of my wisdom, my knowledge of you,… Read more »

Martin Aniah

I am a Ghanaian, what is the procedure of donating, through your bank account or which other means. I want to donate but is not sure of the procedure. Martin from Ghana.

Martin Aniah

Thank you for your powerful message. I am a baptized and confirmed Catholic but almost backslided but after coming across your Ministry, my beliefs and faith have encouraged me to remain in the church.

Martin Aniah

I need prayers to save me from my troublesome lady who is pushing me gradually into serious temptation and madness though she owes me several months of rent. Martin from Ghana.

Deanna-Jane Sumner

I was confirmed when I was 24 during the Easter Vigil mass. It meant so much more to me to do it then compared to doing it in high school. It was such a special and beautiful service that it is still one of my favorites to this day.

Valerie Simms

Bruce this is EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR! For myself, in my life and in the Catholic Church, since more than eight years ago.when I came back to the Catholic Church after a forty year absence! Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for giving me HOPE, that it is possible to encounter not only the infinite Love of the Creator the Father and the Sacrificial, Salvific Love of His Son Jesus but the Life Giving power, our Enabler, Guide, Counsellor , Comforter,Teacher, Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit! Big Thank you Bruce, Rosemary, Team, Justin, Michaela and wonder band for… Read more »

Odell Roundtree

Thank you for your simple, yet profound messages on the Holy Spirit.

Carmelle Adams

I have really been inspired by your teaching especially on the Holy Spirit. This week’s preaching has touched me greatly. Thank you.


Thank You so much for this wonderful message , God Bless you all .


I’m the devil who do I surrender to

Martin Aniah

We need you in my country, Ghana.


Thank you for this message and lord bless you more bruce


Pray to receive the Holy spirit and healing of my brother and faith for my daughter not to dtink

church Jesus founded...

Please pray for increased faith of my husband and reunite us with my separated children and my grandchildren in the