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3 years ago

What a lovely topic

I am excited and will share it with my family too and pray that we all learn from Bruce how to overcome our Giants in our lives

John T
3 years ago

After listening to this topic on Monday evening when you 1st recorded it, it made me realize the demons that were in my life, some of which I caused, and some that just happened, it also sent me a clear message of continuous repentance for God’s love. The Giants in our lives are just like the Skeletons in our closets, we have to ask forgiveness and strength so that we can move forward.
Thanks Bruce and team for a lovely evening of prayer

Sandie murray
3 years ago

Wow! Help slay all those giants and may God reveal His plans for those who truly love Him!!! Glad you didn’t become a Priest and became “just” a Catholic guy ???????? turning hearts toward Him!!!

Deidre Herring
3 years ago

You have been blessed to present this topic in the way that you have. I have been fighting the giant of depression and self worthlessness for over 50 years. I have had some long periods free of it and have used the power of God when that has happened yet the giant continues to raise his head and I struggle. The Lord has asked me to write about my experiences in the hope that it helps others, yet the giant keeps trying to defeat me in that. I thank God that he has never let go of me through those… Read more »

chris kreiser
3 years ago

This was really good and helpful thank you can”t for next one.