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Jeanette Easton
3 years ago

Thank you again Bruce for another powerful message. May your ministry grow and grow we need to hear God speaking through you as you bring the message so clearly that no matter who we are or the age we are all can understand and know the road to walk. Again I thank you and keep you and your team in my daily Rosary ???? and Prayers????. God Bless and keep you. Jeanette

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce…you inspire me, every time I listen to you I hear God thru you..God bless …

Vicki Gibbs
3 years ago

I thank God for you. I pray God’s richest blessings on the ministries and your family. Protection, peace, health, and prosperity beyond measure for you and yours, in Christ Jesus.

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3 years ago


Trevor Knuckey
3 years ago

Over the last seven talks I have shared them to my timeline and Medjugorje Centre page so that I can, from time to time, go back to them and re-listen to them.There is much in them to be reminded of now and again.I hope others are sharing these talks as well because they should be shared far and wide. Thank you Bruce. You are definitely blessed.

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce. Every day I listen to you strengthens my faith in myself. Something I have been lacking. And has brought my heart back to God. My life has changed so much. God bless

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

I don’t seem to have enough words to express to you Bruce, how much this message has meant to me!!! How timely, how relevant, how encouraging, how instructive, how life changing this series has been!!! Thank you doesn’t seem enough!!! I will continue to pray for you,Rosemary, your family, your Team family to the Lord to pour down blessings upon you all!!! God willing I will see you all again tomorrow and receive more blessings! Thank You Lord God for all these blessings!!!

Sandie murray
3 years ago

Continue to open blind eyes and deaf ears!! This gives the Holy Spirit the opportunity to come alive again and give joy and hope to all in need! Revival is so needed all around the world! Be blessed in every area and know beyond a shadow of doubt God is pleased with every endeavor to serve all, not just those of the 1st Church!!

3 years ago

Bruce this series was very powerful. Thank you for your time and dedication and your messages that are so inspiring