Advent 2020 - Day 24

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2 years ago

Unable to access today’s video prayer .
Bruce bless you and I thank you for this advent program. I am learning to pray,

Pride McMahon
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce Rosemary and the team. Kevin and myself have been encouraged in our faith journey by your daily videos and talks we have come to know God in a more intimate way which is changing our lives in amazing ways. God bless you all and we hope you have a happy holy and joyous Christmas and New Year

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for always saying things I need to hear.
Our parish priest said at mass that Mary was immaculately conceived that’s why she was chosen . I have never heard that before just wondering if there is a bible reference for that.

Pauline Ellerton
2 years ago

Thank You for the year Bruce and Rosemary. May You have a great and Holy Christmas with your beautiful family. Please keep myself and my family in your prayers. Keep up the good work. Xxx

Valerie Simms
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce what a great message! What a challenging one too!!! I will be praying to the Holy Spirit to empower me to respond as our Holy Mother did; her complete and total ” YES” to God’s overwhelming, impossible to conceive request! I will be praying what God might be asking of me, in order that I may say my “YES” to Him!!! God bless you too Bruce! I’ll be seeing you tomorrow with great anticipation!!!

Sandie Murray
2 years ago

Amazingly beautiful! I send your video to everyone and encourage them to seek Him and increase their trust in Him alone! There is nothing like “ playing “to an audience of ONE! If God is pleased, that’s all that really matters!! Continue to be blessed to be a great blessing to others!!