Advent 2020 - Day 25

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Tish Adams
2 years ago

Is Bruce Downed an Australian

Reply to  Tish Adams
2 years ago

You are correct, Bruce Downes is Australian…

2 years ago

When my husband asks me what I would like for a Christmas, birthday or anniversary present I always ask for an experience..e.g. theatre tickets..just a thought Bruce

2 years ago

Holy Spirit come into our lives

Valerie Simms
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for everything contained in this message!Thank you especially for the prayer you are praying for us! I know I need all the praying I can get!!! This Advent series has been life changing for me concerning my spiritual life as well as my confidence in the Lord. And I must mention how deeper my relationship with the Lord is now!!! I will continue to pray for this valuable beyond words ministry, that all may experience a life change for the best by coming to know God in a true, meaning filled way. An encounter that is too… Read more »

Loretta Hanson
2 years ago

Photos are always appreciated as gifts… and I hope you’re kidding about waiting until the last minute lol

2 years ago

What to get Rosemary,
She probably has everything she needs and wants. If she is anything like me, the last thing she wants is more STUFF.
So how about some gift certificates to a nail salon, her favorite hair salon, or maybe a restaurant gift certificate so she could take her gal pals to lunch?
Does she like outdoor events, or indoor ones?
Theater tickets or a hiking, camping or picnic outing would be nice.
On the spiritual side, a women’s retreat, or a marriage encounter retreat?
You get the idea.

Clive losper
2 years ago

Holy spirit come in to are lives amen

2 years ago

Bruce were you born Catholic or are you a conver?