Advent 2020 - Day 5

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3 years ago

Your talk sets the impetus for the day, seek and you will find,

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Lynn
3 years ago

Hello Lynn

Scriptures tell us that when we commit our plans to God He will bring them to pass in His unique way. We can do the same with our day everyday. I pray that these Daily Devotionals help people with this.

God bless


Cheryl O'Grady
3 years ago

Thankyou Bruce… are gifted with presentation of the gospel. I sense such an expectancy listening to these Advent msgs. I am so grateful. My husband and I have listened to your msgs for months now and we appreciate all that you do. May the Holy Spirit overshadow you everywhere you go. Blessings to you and your family.

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Cheryl O'Grady
3 years ago

Thank you Cheryl.

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank You Bruce and thank You Jesus for this message that is a true breakthrough for me and a true message of hope! My receptors are up Bruce!!! May the Lord bless you wherever you are as you continue to do God’s work around God’s earth!!!

OFELIA Francis
3 years ago

I am very touched with your talk and how you explain, thank you.

Anne Setteducate
3 years ago

I don’t have to wait for Christmas, Jesus comes to me every day & I remain open to hear Him.

3 years ago

i was so open to God’s coming as youspoke to me today. Maybe I need to listen to this talk everyday til I get in the habit of walking always with Jesus. Thank you for doing this series. l God’s blessing to you and Rosemary

Carole Swift
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for sharing your love of the Gospel with us. Your devotional messages have been what has helped me through a most difficult time in my life…my husband of 30 years suddenly died 9 months ago. It’s been quite a journey , listening to you through my darkness and tears has helped me move forward in my life!

3 years ago


3 years ago

Always a great message, I’m not a Catholic but I go to church and read the Bible and love Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Thank you for your teachings, you can never have enough.
I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas a blessed Birthday of Jesus because that is what it’s all about.
Again thank you and bless you ????????????????????