As a Result of the Spirit

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John Mc McCabe
3 years ago

Lord I need You, open my heart to receive Your Grace, Lord I want to Baptized in Your Holy Spirit so I can receive the power of your Holy Spirit to grow in Your Love. Come Holy Spirit fall afresh upon the earth, open the eyes of the heart that we may receive the Power of the Blessed Holy Spirit. Thank You I Praise and Glorify thy Blessed Trinity. Amen

Ibro Bash
Reply to  John Mc McCabe
3 years ago

Part for peace in my family n prosperity

Sandie murray
3 years ago

????so beautifully put! For such a time as this! May you and your family and extended “ Blood bought” family be blessed in every area of your life to continue to open blind eyes and deaf ears to the truth needed to live a life pleasing to Him! ????for all to hear His voice and obey His commands as He knows exactly what each of us need to succeed and glorify Our Father and Jesus!! Without Him, we are helpless, as we can do nothing on our own!????.

Nozuko Njisane
3 years ago

Heavenly Father I pray to fill me with your Holy spirit. I want to know you more and more. This Word of Holy spirit I shared to our prayer group. I know that through Holy spirit we will be able to perform our mandate on earth amen.

Wuli Abba
3 years ago

I want to growth spiritual in God’s kingdom and to serve him like never before encounter God personally, please pray for for the grace of God in my life.