Call the Holy Spirit

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Janelle Borg
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce. So grateful to Him for His Spirit as without Him we cannot do anything. Abiding in Him is so important

3 years ago

Praising God for His gift of the Holy Spirit so that we can hear his voice and obey His promoting! You are doing a remarkable job in re-introducing the Holy Spirt to all! So vitally needed in this dark time! He is the only gift that keeps on giving! We could not even pray the right way without Him. He is our life line a tether to the Father and Son! In teaching CCD I was prompted to acknowledge The Holy Spirit’s presence with us and in each child at the start of the class! May your words kindle the… Read more »

Francis Deary
3 years ago

With out food for our soul we cannot feed others. And to feed others with the love that God has given us is our christian duty.
Thanks Bruce.