What the Holy Spirit Reveals: Part 2

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Diane McGuire
1 month ago

Thank you for your spiritual guidance and dedication to spreading God’s word!

Ruwanie Pathinather
1 month ago

Thank you and God bless you for inspiring and guiding us by sharing the word of God each day.

Daysi M Franco
1 month ago

Thank you Bruce,for the guidence,and inspiration sharing the love of God with the world…praying for you and your ministries,God bless…

1 month ago

Thank you again Bruce

Ingrid Martin
1 month ago

Thank you for the daily prayers and spiritual fulfillment. Yes, come Holy Spirit

1 month ago

Thank you Bruce… this message was a gift to myself and breaks the train of thought I’m currently in. As soon as I get back to work I truly will support you financially.

Rosie Imbert
29 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your prayers and blessings 🙏