Open to the Holy Spirit Now

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3 years ago

Please pray for my 50 yr old godson who has covidvand his lungs are infected.
Bruce I wrote to you and received yr letter of 15 June. Is there something else i missed? Thanks

katalin denney
3 years ago

This is a truly wonderful series Bruce – I am very keen to seek a more meaningful relationship with the Holy Spirit and to experience His power through prayer. Your series has truly encouraged me to learn to draw on the Power of the Holy Spirit in everyday life. I would like to be part of the global family prayer group and to receive the additional relevant material you referred to. T hank you for everything you do – it is very evident that the Holy Spirit is certainly working through you! May He continue to guide your path along… Read more »

Deanna Francke
3 years ago

Bruce, I have truly enjoyed walking daily with the Holy Spirit & would like to be part of the global family prayer group. Please send me the additional material you talked about. Thank you for all you do you are truly amazing & it is evident that the Holy Spirit is working in you & through you.
May you, Rosemary & the team be continually blessed by the Holy Spirit in all you do.