Call The Holy Spirit

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Jeani Navarro
30 days ago

I want to join you in asking the Holy Spirit to fall afresh on the Earth. Please send the additional materials you mentioned

Vicki Gibbs
30 days ago

wow, yes! Let go and Let God lead us in the Holy Spirit and freshness.

John Mc McCabe
30 days ago

Holy Spirit come and renew and fall a fresh on us, please Lord open our minds, our hearts. Even our Holy Father Pope Francis is being attacked from within come Holy Spirit please come please help us.

Trina Gray
30 days ago

Trina Gray

Trina Gray
30 days ago

I need healing of total knee replacement

30 days ago

Prayers are answered. My nephew and family are pulling through the virus praise God.

Pl pray for a factory that went up in flames a couple of days ago. May all the staff get their fair entitlements as the business closes.

Christine ONeill
30 days ago

Please send information about

30 days ago

Thank you for your prayers and service
Blessings always

Daysi M Franco
30 days ago

Thank you..Bruce you are a blessing.🙏❤🙏

John T
30 days ago

Thank you Bruce for this very powerful message, all your messages are full of truth, Love, honesty, and a conviction of commitment to the Holy Spirit, and Yes, we need the Holy Spirit so much in the times we are going through right now, and when the changes come, as they will, the changes need to be followed up with prayer and thanksgiving that we are in a better place than we were.
God Bless you and your team

Trudy Clarke
30 days ago

Please send me the extra material to join with you and others to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Francis Deary
29 days ago

Dear Lord, please grant me the grace to dedicate every waking minute of my life to you and your plans. Send the Holy Spirit to anoint me again with the strength and power to carry out your wishes. May every deed I do, every word I say, every thought I have and every desire I have be for the greater glory of your name. Draw me ever closer to you Lord so that your will and my actions become one and if it is your will grant me the honour of helping to draw those around me closer to you.… Read more »

Margaret Nicerio
29 days ago

I want to be part of praying for the Holy Spirit.

God Bless Margaret

Laura Andary
29 days ago

I am convicted to praying for The Holy Spirit to come to me, and renew me, my family, The Church and the world..Please send me the materials to join you and all the others to calling The Holy Spirit to come and renew the earth..Thank you and God bless you

Margaret Burns
29 days ago

Thank you Bruce!! I’m soo much closer to the Holy Spirit.

Deanna Francke
29 days ago

Thank you Bruce I am getting to know the Holy Spirit like never before. May God Bless you, Rosemary & the team abundantly. Please send materials for Holy Spirit@Bruce

28 days ago

Bruce. I feel it shouldn’t be a burden on your heart but with great JOY that we should be calling upon the Holy Spirit to come.
I feel your passion for this great need.

Bhawna Khalkho
27 days ago

Thankyou LORD that I got divorced on a peaceful note. I pray that I may receive abundance of blessings, peace, wisdom, happiness, safety, protection in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

25 days ago

I want to join you in calling the Holy Spirit to fall afresh on the Earth. Thank you

Sandie murray
23 days ago

For such a time as this!! We are in such need of Him who can lead guide and direct our thoughts, words and actions!!! Thank You!!! God as You have a”way “ of having Your Own Way! Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Light! In the beginning of Our Church we were called People of the Way. Help us to help others who are desperate!!

21 days ago

Perfect song to start my Holy Spirit prayers with. ( I am sure you have heard of it). It is called Fullness. Says everything perfectly when I maybe out of words. I encourage everyone to look it up…