How to Grow my Faith

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Antoinette Zammit
1 year ago

Thanks Bruce that’s a very nice prayer I will try and say that everyday I want to commit my life to God. God bless you.

1 year ago

Bruce can you make that prayer to print out a beautiful prayer

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for this very timely message!!! Just the other day I read the same scripture passage you read out and explained in your message today. For the life of me I couldn’t understand what God was trying to say to me through this scripture passage!!! Yes there was a time like Peter,when I had denied Christ three times! But the reply Jesus gave to Peter after asking him did he love Jesus three times, then asking him to feed His lambs, tend his sheep, feed his sheep, I could not see how these words could relate to me.… Read more »

1 year ago

You certainly did hand everyone the key to a New Life! 🙏 they embrace the fresh start, and see each new day as the gift from Him that it is! Prayers they have the life God has planned for each one making a real difference everywhere they go! “ Thank you, Father for your Son and the Holy Spirit giving us the grace and power to really live a life pleasing to Him! Bless this ministry and continue to bring unity to our families, and neighborhood, and work places everyday!” Revival start with each of us!!!

1 year ago

That is the most beautiful prayer i want to commit to God God bless you

1 year ago

Please add me to Lose Weight with the Catholic Guy

1 year ago

Bruce I would appreciate if you could print out and send me a copy of that beautiful prayer. Thank you and God Bless.